If you want to be a good cook, there are many ways you can go about it. You can get recipes off the internet, you can take a cooking class, or you can watch the cooking channel. The cooking channel will not only teach you about the history of various foods, but it will also teach you how to cook. There are many professional chefs that will show you exactly how to cook like them. If you don’t get the channel, talk to your cable provider so that you can sign up for getting it. If you already get the cooking channel, watch it for a while and see how much you learn.Great Recipes

The best part about watching the cooking channel is that you’ll get all kinds of great recipes. You’ll learn how to make dinners, lunches, desserts, fish dishes, chicken and beef dishes and much more. You’ll get all the recipes you’ll ever want. Practice with a few of them and pretty soon you’ll get to be so good that you’ll be able to make up your own recipes and you’ll be able to make food just like all your favorite chefs on the cooking channel.


If you want more recipes, you can always pick up books that feature cooking channel chefs. These books have many more recipes than you could ever imagine. These are helpful if you have a favorite chef on the cooking channel. With the books, you can have all the recipes from that chef without having to watch countless hours of the cooking channel, hoping that person will be on.

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Test Your Skills

When you finally get good enough with your cooking after watching the cooking channel, you should test your skills on your friends and family. Ask them what their favorite foods are and cook them their favorite dishes using the recipes you’ve seen. Amaze them with your culinary skills as you whip up their favorite dish. You can tell them you took a cooking class or you can tell them you’re just that good, when you actually learned it all watching TV. You learned it all watching the cooking channel.

So if you love food and you love to cook, sit down and watch the cooking channel. You’ll learn how to make your favorite foods as they present their cooking in such a fun and enjoyable way that you’ll never tire of watching your favorite chefs do what they love to do.

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One Response to “Learn To Cook Watching The Cooking Channel”

  • Donald F. Slapak says:

    My wife and I spend a considerable amount of time watching the various cooking channels & I especcialy find it qute disturbing over the conctant and missuse of the term,”guys”. It seems to make no distinction of what and or who the person speaking is. For example,at 2:30 on channel 21, chicken was being deep fried, corn on the cob,all of which was called “guys”. All this retoric being directed to “you guys” the veiwing audiance. Sounds like the audiance is comprised of cannablis. I remember Sesene Street exibiting more apprpreate and discreptive grammer. This missuse is not religated to just afore mentioned channel, but is each and every other channel. Sooooo, we will bite our toungues and continue to watch all those chicken parts, herbs,and other ingrededences hang out toghether.

    Well, back to Webster and Sesame Street. Will see all you “guys” (regardless of your birth gender) happy cooking.

    We remain, the happily married (60 yrs.) Slapaks

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