Related to good cooking is the availability of good garden vegetables.  So, just as cooking can be a family affair, consider adding gardening to the family affair effort.  The use those great home grown vegetables in your cooking.

Gardening can be a great hobby for people. But more than that, it can be a wonderful way for you to spend quality time with your entire family. It can be an enjoyable activity, and you can even grow your own food, which feeds all of you. Here are some things you can do so that gardening is a family activity that you all can enjoy.

1. Keep things easy. This is especially true if you know a lot about gardening. You might know a lot about soil pH and growing times, but in order to get the whole family onboard, try to keep things simple and easy to understand. You want everyone to enjoy it, after all, not sit through a class.

2. Get special tools for the kids. By getting tools that are kid-sized, your kids will be able to handle the tools by themselves. That frees you up to do work yourself, but more than that, it makes gardening more manageable for little hands.

3. Involve everyone in the decision making process. Let your children help you choose what your garden will contain and look like. You can guide them toward easy growers like sunflowers and peas, but give them a voice and let them give their opinions about what they would like to see in your family garden.

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4. Give your kids special jobs. This gives them the opportunity to feel important about what is going on. This also allows them to have a feeling of ownership and real excitement about what is about to happen. They can become an expert at every part of gardening this way—rotate their jobs every week or two so that they don’t get bored and so they can get used to all aspects of gardening and enjoy them.

5. Talk to others about your garden. When you talk to relatives and friends, take the time to show real excitement and appreciation for what everyone has done. Make special notice of your children so that they can feel proud about the garden. Talking about your garden can be an exciting way to stay motivated.

6. Give your kids their own plot. Give them an ample opportunity to work on their own land, as it were. Let them do the work that is needed and let them know that it is “theirs.”

7. Do some work when the kids are at school or away from home. Don’t be afraid to help your kids with their jobs and their little plots of land. Gardening can be rough, and if you are there to clean up a bit for them and help their plants along, you will help to instill a feeling of confidence and accomplishment into their minds about their ability to get out there and garden.

If you use the tips in this article, not only will gardening be something fun for you but it can be something fun and useful for the entire family. By getting the entire family into gardening, you can build a vegetable garden, flower garden or anything else you set your minds to.


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With more and more people gravitating towards home cooking, it would hardly come as a surprise that people are becoming more and more innovative. With so many unconventional methods of cooking and a greater awareness of food and its nutritional value, there is a growing focus on knowing how to cook great food. One of the most well loved vegetables would be pumpkin and we sure have heard a lot about its versatile properties. We love pumpkin pie and pumpkin pudding and even savory pumpkin casserole. But how there is a growing need to know on how to cook pumpkin seeds.

Frankly, knowing how to cook pumpkin seeds is an easy exercise where all you really need is some imagination. One would think that stringy looking pumpkin seeds are rather gross and it is all squishy and yucky sometimes, however the fact of the matter is that pumpkin seeds are full of minerals and vitamins that you just cannot ignore. Learning how to cook pumpkin seeds to something that is truly fun and most of all ? healthy. One of the most famous alternatives would be to have roasted pumpkin seeds as a healthy snack while watching some ghoulish film this Halloween!

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If you do not have an oven, well then, you can easily roast them in your microwave. This is just two methods that you can employ when you want to find out how to cook pumpkin seeds. All you really need is some olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. What you need to do is to separate the seeds from the pulp and then spread it all out on a cookie sheet. It would be great to dry it overnight. After you have preheated your oven to around 250F, you just need to do the marinating bit. This one swell way in finding out how to cook pumpkin seeds. Toss the seeds in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder and then bake the seeds for around one hour.

It would be great to toss the seeds every 20 minutes or so. After they turn golden brown you can take them out and have them cooled. Remember that you can store pumpkin seeds for up to three months or even refrigerate them right up to a year. They really are a great way to save something that we usually throw out! All in all, this is one great way in knowing how to cook pumpkin seeds. Moreover, the taste of these pumpkin seeds all depends on how you want them. Moderating the amount of salt and pepper alone can increase the flavor. If you do watch it more spicy, then a great suggestion would be to use cayenne pepper.

Do you always visit your local seafood restaurant in order to try out their various dishes that leaves you craving for more? Perhaps it even has you wishing you could cook wonderful mouthwatering dishes at home, that could even taste batter than the ones at the restaurant! Instead of continuing to dream about being able to cook such delicacies, why not try them out yourself? Believe me when I tell you that it is not hard to make those very same dishes in your own kitchen. The key to being able to cook well, is in finding the perfect recipe for whatever the dish you wish to try out. If you are looking for a good recipe on how to cook scallops, you?ve come to the right place. When you think scallops, you probably have a vision of you struggling with them in the kitchen and having to cook for hours only to end up with a sub-par dish that is a huge disappointment. With the right ingredient and the right method, ?how to cook scallops? will be simple and will also produce excellent results.

The first step when it comes to ?how to cook scallops? is to visit a seafood store and find the right scallops. When thinking of ?how to cook scallops? you would need to know that there are primarily to species of scallops, which are bay scallops which are quite expensive, and the sea scallops, which are of a reasonable price and are easier to find. You can either buy them fresh or buy them frozen, in which case you would need to allow them to thaw before embarking on your ?how to cook scallops? recipe. Remember that the good scallops will be pinkish white in color and is an important tip in every ?how to cook scallops? recipe.

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The best way of leaning ?how to cook scallops? is by learning how to cook them in oil. For this you would need a large pan to which you would need to add a few tablespoons of oil and allow it to heat. Once the oil has heated, add the scallops one by one and allow them to cook. Turn them once one side has been cooked. Allow it to cook for around 5 minutes. You could also add some butter and salt to the scallops before you place them in the oil.

You could serve the scallops as a side dish or as a main meal. It is best served with some mayonnaise to enhance the flavor.

Another variation of how to cook scallops is to add some lime, ginger and garlic to add more flavor. Remember that in order to not let the scallops get too chewy, you must not overcook them for more than 5 minutes.

Turkey is synonymous with Thanks Giving Day and all that comes with it; however, turkey need not be restricted to only Thanks Giving celebrations but can be a delicious meal for any occasion. Further more, rather than cooking an entire bird as is per usual for Thanks Giving, an easier and more practical alternative would be to cook turkey breasts. ?How to cook a turkey breast?? you may wonder. There are many ways on how to cook a turkey breasts and a few of them, the most common and the most basic, are discussed here.

Roast Turkey Breasts
If the turkey breasts have been refridgerated they should be brought down to room temperature. Clean the turkey breast and marinate as desired. The most basic of turkey marinades would require oil, salt and pepper; minced garlic and chopped herbs are also options. Place the breasts in a roasting pan. If the bird is lean, lay strips of salt, pork or bits of other fat on the breasts. Place in a slow oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit and allow forty to fifty minutes per pound. The breasts may be basted occasionally during cooking with drippings in the pan. A little water may be added if necessary. The prepared breasts may be served with Gilbet Sauce or Brown Sauce.

Other possible accompaniments to Roast Turkey Breasts are cranberry sauce, current jelly, grape jelly, apple jelly, chestnut stuffing, oyster stuffing, sausage stuffing or almost any vegetable.

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White Fricassee of Turkey Breasts
* 2 pounds turkey breasts
* 1 cup milk or cream
* 2 beaten egg yolks
* Flour
* Salt
* Pepper
White Sauce
* 1 cup milk
* 2 tablespoons flour
* 2 tablespoons melted butter
* ½ teaspoon salt

Clean turkey breasts and stew till tender. Remove from liquid and boil the liquid until it has been reduced to 2 cups. Add the milk or cream. Make the white sauce by missing together the butter and milk over low flame and gradually add the flour, stirring it in and making sure not to leave lumps and finally adding the salt. Pour the white sauce over the egg yolks while beating the yolks. Season with salt, and pepper to taste. Place turkey breasts in the middle of a platter, surrounded with steamed rice or mashed potatoes and cover with the sauce. This yields 6 servings.

Tips on how to cook a Turkey Breast
When considering how to cook a turkey breast the best way possible here are a few tips that may help you on your culinary journey. When cleaning turkey breasts, it is best to rinse them with cold water. When cooking turkey breasts with skin, marinade should be applied under the skin so as to have the flavor properly penetrate the turkey breasts. When baking turkey breasts, wrapping the breasts in aluminum foil helps seal in the marinade, trapping it and optimizes the flavor of the meat.

Following the above mentioned recipes and techniques should leave you no doubt as to how to cook a turkey breast to the best that one could possibly make it. We hope that your ?how to cook a turkey breast? questions have been successfully answered here.