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Have you been searching for a good recipe on ?how to cook lobster?? Looking to impress someone with your cooking skills? Or maybe you are looking to become a pro at cooking various types of dishes simply because you enjoy it. You do not have to Julia Child do make a great dish that will have your guests devouring every bit of it. Whether you are a beginner at cooking or have been cooking for years, you would find that all it takes is finding the perfect recipe for the dish you wish to make, and then trying out! This recipe on how to cook lobster is guaranteed to make anyone think you are a pro at cooking!

While this ?how to cook lobster? recipe is known to give you the perfect dish, you might also want to try out a few variations once you?ve tried this ?how to cook lobster? recipe. This is because you may be used to different flavors in your community, and may therefore prefer more spices to be added to this ?how to cook lobster? recipe, or your family may like to try out a different version of it the next time around.

While most people find that ?how to cook lobster? recipes might be hard to try it out, this is not the case; it I quite easy to cook lobsters.

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Once you make a visit to you local seafood market and have chosen the perfect lobsters, you can start off on your ?how to cook lobster? recipe.

Before you start, you would first need to wash the lobster well. Once you have done this, you would need to place the water in a big pot of water and allow it to boil. When you see that the water is starting to boil, proceed to add a tablespoon of salt. It is important that the salt is of the right amount in order to ensure that the meat has a good flavor. Once the lobster has boiled, add a few cloves of crushed garlic, one full chopped onion and thyme . In order to ensure that the lobster meat is tender, do not leave it on the stove for more than 10 minutes. An alternative to boiling the lobster would be to steam it. You could try both options to see which one you prefer.

If you wish to have your lobster more spicy, you could always add a few spices such as Indian curry powder.

You could either serve you lobster hot, or you could place it in the refrigerator for a few hours before your meal, with some mayonnaise or salsa sauce. The key to cooking good lobster is to ensure that the meat is not overcooked.

Whether you are young or old, male or female, knowing a thing or two about cooking can come in handy. Knowing how to cook can be a great asset to you if you are someone who lives by yourself and doesn?t want to spend that much on your meals, and especially if you are a college student or someone with similar circumstances. If you are someone who is interested in cooking delicious meals that will save you money, then you could learn a thing or two from this article which is about how to cook rice.

Rice is a staple food in most Asian countries, and can be cooked in a variety of ways. Therefore there is no one single answer to the question how to cook rice. When talking about how to cook rice, we must emphasize on the fact that there are several kinds or rice, with different textures, colors, and flavors, and the method of cooking them sometimes varies slightly according to the type of rice you are using.

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If one is to describe the procedure of how to cook rice, there are mainly two methods. The first method is to steam the rice until it is soft and moist to your preference. The process of how to cook rice according to the first method is the following: get the desired amount of rice grains; normally one can get one and half times the quantity of rice after it is cooked. Rinse the rice grains in water, then add rice to the rice cooker, and add water. The amount of water you adds differs from the type of rice you are using, and the desired moisture of the rice. Almost all of the rice cookers have indicators to provide the user with the information about how much water to you should use for a certain amount of rice.

The second method when it comes to how to cook rice is to steam the rice as mentioned above, and then to mix vegetables and meat to it and fry them together. With this method the rice can be eaten by itself, whereas the rice cooked according to the first method needs to have at least one accompanying dish to be eaten without any discomfort. But on the other hand there can be more variety with the first method as one can have many other dishes with it, while the second method has the possibility to get monotonous. Therefore the answer to how to cook rice depends on your needs.

Regardless of your age, gender, or marital status, knowing how to whip up a few delicacies is a trick you wouldn?t mind having up your sleeve. It could be cooking for an intimate dinner with your parents or your lover, or for your friends and family who are coming over for dinner; knowing how to cook crab can come in very handy. If you are someone who is interested about enjoying the finer things in life, and enjoying making your own meals, or just someone who wants to impress others with your cooking skills, this article about how to cook crab will be able to hold your attention.

The first thing I must point out when it comes to explaining how to cook crab is that there is a vast variety of ways to cook crab, differing from the parts of the crabs and the type of crab you are using, to different parts of the globe where the recipe originated.

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Another important factor that one must keep in mind when learning about how to cook crab is to get fresh herbs and spices that he or she will add to the dish; one should pay extra attention to this especially if he or she is going to marinate the crab and cook it. Otherwise all the flavors of the crab meat will get subsided and unnoticeable to your taste buds if your spices are not of good quality.

When teaching how to cook crab, the conventional instructions teach us to boil the crab. But this method makes the shell of the crab soft and difficult to break through, while sometimes also making the flesh of the crab stick to the shell. However if you bake the crab, then the shell gets easier to break and it also means the meat will not stick to the shell, making it easier to remove. These days the baking method is taught by many who teach how to cook crab, especially when it comes to cooking crab legs.

As I have mentioned above the answer to how to cook crab differs from one part of the globe to the other; and most of the time each method complements the native crab species the locals consume. However making a fusion between a certain local ways of cooking the crab with a native crab from another region can produce an end result that is equally tasteful, or sometimes even better. One is encouraged to try these fusions, as cooking is meant to be fun and adventurous.