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With more and more people gravitating towards home cooking, it would hardly come as a surprise that people are becoming more and more innovative. With so many unconventional methods of cooking and a greater awareness of food and its nutritional value, there is a growing focus on knowing how to cook great food. One of the most well loved vegetables would be pumpkin and we sure have heard a lot about its versatile properties. We love pumpkin pie and pumpkin pudding and even savory pumpkin casserole. But how there is a growing need to know on how to cook pumpkin seeds.

Frankly, knowing how to cook pumpkin seeds is an easy exercise where all you really need is some imagination. One would think that stringy looking pumpkin seeds are rather gross and it is all squishy and yucky sometimes, however the fact of the matter is that pumpkin seeds are full of minerals and vitamins that you just cannot ignore. Learning how to cook pumpkin seeds to something that is truly fun and most of all ? healthy. One of the most famous alternatives would be to have roasted pumpkin seeds as a healthy snack while watching some ghoulish film this Halloween!

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If you do not have an oven, well then, you can easily roast them in your microwave. This is just two methods that you can employ when you want to find out how to cook pumpkin seeds. All you really need is some olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. What you need to do is to separate the seeds from the pulp and then spread it all out on a cookie sheet. It would be great to dry it overnight. After you have preheated your oven to around 250F, you just need to do the marinating bit. This one swell way in finding out how to cook pumpkin seeds. Toss the seeds in olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder and then bake the seeds for around one hour.

It would be great to toss the seeds every 20 minutes or so. After they turn golden brown you can take them out and have them cooled. Remember that you can store pumpkin seeds for up to three months or even refrigerate them right up to a year. They really are a great way to save something that we usually throw out! All in all, this is one great way in knowing how to cook pumpkin seeds. Moreover, the taste of these pumpkin seeds all depends on how you want them. Moderating the amount of salt and pepper alone can increase the flavor. If you do watch it more spicy, then a great suggestion would be to use cayenne pepper.

Usually once you carve a pumpkin the seeds are the first thing you toss out. But you do not have to do that. What if you knew how to cook pumpkin seeds? Pumpkin seeds are actually quite delicious once you learn how to cook pumpkin seeds and they are really healthy for you as well. Many people do not even ask how to cook pumpkin seeds because they never knew that pumpkin seeds could be cooked. But as mentioned earlier once you learn how to cook pumpkin seeds and start using your knowledge you will find a very tasty treat waiting for you.
The first thing you need to know about how to cook pumpkin seeds is how to clean them. If you want to clean pumpkin seeds first put them in a strainer and rinse them under running water. You have to completely remove all of the pumpkin strings. Once they are well cleaned you need to blot them dry. That?s how you clean pumpkin seeds once you know how to cook pumpkin seeds. Once you dry the seeds it is time to season them. You can use the regular salt and pepper or go for more extravagant ones like cinnamon, herbs or cayenne powder.
Once this is done you can bake them. If that is how to cook pumpkin seeds the way you want to then preheat the oven to two hundred and fifty degrees. Toss the seeds with a little drop of oil. Then spread the seeds on a baking sheet and bake till crispy. It will take about forty minutes to an hour for the seeds to be ready.
If oven baked is not how to cook pumpkin seeds the way you like, then you can do it on the stove top. Take a skillet and heat two tablespoons of butter in it. Once it is melted add two cups of pumpkin seeds into it and toss them so that the butter is evenly coated on all the seeds. Now you can add any seasonings that you like. When that is done cook the seeds for around five to ten minutes while stirring all the time. Continue till the seeds are nice and crisp. Make sure you cool them before you eat.
You can also use a microwave if that is your preferred method on how to cook pumpkin seeds. But this will not roast the seeds. Melt butter in a dish and add half a cup of seeds. Season and microwave for eight minutes.

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