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If someone says Oregano, it is likely that you will think in terms of cuisine. You would be right as most people do think of Oregano is sauces and so forth. However, there are actual medicinal properties to Oregano as well. Oregano makes a luscious cup of savory tea that works well for gas, indigestion, bloating, coughs, urinary problems, bronchial problems, headaches, and swollen glands and to induce and regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. Others swear that is can cure fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, and same jaundice.

In the capsule form the leaves are dried and then crushed and placed into the empty capsule shell. Further, even others use the dried leaves by crushing them and adding just enough water to create a paste like substance and use it for a cream to apply for arthritis, itchy skin, sore muscles, and swelling. For a relaxing and soothing bath use Oregano leaves in the bath water. Finally, some people make Oregano oil and claim it helps rid toothaches.

In Jamaica people burn Oregano scented incense to ward off coughs and other respiratory distresses. Oregano has been used in ancient Greece and many other places across the globe where people have found a different use for Oregano besides cooking. Oregano is a perennial herb that is relative to the mint family and it is a very important culinary herb that is used in a lot of Greek and Italian cuisines. For cooking purposes it is the leaves that are used and while some like nothing but a fresh Oregano sprig, most will agree that the dried Oregano is much more flavorful.

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Especially in Italian cooking you will notice a distinct relationship between the uses of Oregano in combination with Basil. The two always seem to create the perfect marriage especially in a tomato sauce. Oregano is also used on many vegetable dishes as well as a seasoning on various meats. The Greeks would never consider cooking with Oregano in their pantry. The famous Greek salad boasts its flavor of Oregano. No one could imagine eating a piece of pizza without a taste of Oregano added to it.

Oregano is commonly mistaken for Marjoram as the plants look very similar. Outside of the kitchen Marjoram and Oregano are best friends and do a lot together. The pair has quite plentiful properties in the areas of antioxidants and antibacterial. Together they are not only a great combination for flavoring food but also for preserving it too. Because both of their oils are perfumery they are placed in many different soaps and lotions. They are also used in combination for many potpourris and home d├ęcor.

There is no denying that Oregano has been around since ancient times both in and out of the kitchen. It had many medicinal properties then and it still does now. It was used in the kitchen and it is still used there now so those from ancient times started a tradition that is still followed to this day. Oregano’s uniqueness is fully utilized in many different ways and will be for years to come.


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Cooking can be quite a complicated task. Not all of us are gifted with the art of cooking dishes to perfection without staring at a recipe book or attending a cooking class. There are many different cooking courses available today that will help you improve your cooking. One type of cooking course that many people participate in, are italian cooking courses. italian cooking courses are popular because of the global attraction to Italian cuisine.

There are many different types of italian cooking courses available today. Many of them are also available online. Online cooking courses have added advantages because you can learn a dish at your own pace and whenever you are free. This enables you to still do other tasks like daily grocery shopping and picking up children from school. This flexibility is essential in the world we live in today as we can make time to take an Italian cooking course anytime.

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You do not have to be in Italy to take part in italian cooking courses. There are cooking courses in all parts of the world that are provided by chefs from Italy. Many courses are in parts of cities where Italian cuisine is popular. These courses are provided by chefs in order to obtain extra income. However, they are still affordable and will not cost you an excess amount of money. These courses often last a few weeks and one class can last for around an hour. When attending courses you will get personal attention by the chef. This enables you to develop your skills faster. This is because the chef will point out where you can improve and help you correct any mistakes that you make while you cook.

There are a wide variety of italian cooking courses that you can sign up for. So decide carefully before picking courses you want to do. Some courses focus only on pasta while some focus on some other area of Italian cuisine. Before attending an Italian cooking course you must make sure that you have all the items necessary to participate in the class. Many Italian dishes require special sauces and spices that have to be bought before attending a class. However, some classes provide ingredients and utensils, making it convenient for you.

You will never run out of options when it comes to italian cooking courses. You will have a wonderful time learning Italian cuisine and developing your skills as a chef if you decide to attend one.