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Turkey is synonymous with Thanks Giving Day and all that comes with it; however, turkey need not be restricted to only Thanks Giving celebrations but can be a delicious meal for any occasion. Further more, rather than cooking an entire bird as is per usual for Thanks Giving, an easier and more practical alternative would be to cook turkey breasts. ?How to cook a turkey breast?? you may wonder. There are many ways on how to cook a turkey breasts and a few of them, the most common and the most basic, are discussed here.

Roast Turkey Breasts
If the turkey breasts have been refridgerated they should be brought down to room temperature. Clean the turkey breast and marinate as desired. The most basic of turkey marinades would require oil, salt and pepper; minced garlic and chopped herbs are also options. Place the breasts in a roasting pan. If the bird is lean, lay strips of salt, pork or bits of other fat on the breasts. Place in a slow oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit and allow forty to fifty minutes per pound. The breasts may be basted occasionally during cooking with drippings in the pan. A little water may be added if necessary. The prepared breasts may be served with Gilbet Sauce or Brown Sauce.

Other possible accompaniments to Roast Turkey Breasts are cranberry sauce, current jelly, grape jelly, apple jelly, chestnut stuffing, oyster stuffing, sausage stuffing or almost any vegetable.

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White Fricassee of Turkey Breasts
* 2 pounds turkey breasts
* 1 cup milk or cream
* 2 beaten egg yolks
* Flour
* Salt
* Pepper
White Sauce
* 1 cup milk
* 2 tablespoons flour
* 2 tablespoons melted butter
* ½ teaspoon salt

Clean turkey breasts and stew till tender. Remove from liquid and boil the liquid until it has been reduced to 2 cups. Add the milk or cream. Make the white sauce by missing together the butter and milk over low flame and gradually add the flour, stirring it in and making sure not to leave lumps and finally adding the salt. Pour the white sauce over the egg yolks while beating the yolks. Season with salt, and pepper to taste. Place turkey breasts in the middle of a platter, surrounded with steamed rice or mashed potatoes and cover with the sauce. This yields 6 servings.

Tips on how to cook a Turkey Breast
When considering how to cook a turkey breast the best way possible here are a few tips that may help you on your culinary journey. When cleaning turkey breasts, it is best to rinse them with cold water. When cooking turkey breasts with skin, marinade should be applied under the skin so as to have the flavor properly penetrate the turkey breasts. When baking turkey breasts, wrapping the breasts in aluminum foil helps seal in the marinade, trapping it and optimizes the flavor of the meat.

Following the above mentioned recipes and techniques should leave you no doubt as to how to cook a turkey breast to the best that one could possibly make it. We hope that your ?how to cook a turkey breast? questions have been successfully answered here.

Usually once you carve a pumpkin the seeds are the first thing you toss out. But you do not have to do that. What if you knew how to cook pumpkin seeds? Pumpkin seeds are actually quite delicious once you learn how to cook pumpkin seeds and they are really healthy for you as well. Many people do not even ask how to cook pumpkin seeds because they never knew that pumpkin seeds could be cooked. But as mentioned earlier once you learn how to cook pumpkin seeds and start using your knowledge you will find a very tasty treat waiting for you.
The first thing you need to know about how to cook pumpkin seeds is how to clean them. If you want to clean pumpkin seeds first put them in a strainer and rinse them under running water. You have to completely remove all of the pumpkin strings. Once they are well cleaned you need to blot them dry. That?s how you clean pumpkin seeds once you know how to cook pumpkin seeds. Once you dry the seeds it is time to season them. You can use the regular salt and pepper or go for more extravagant ones like cinnamon, herbs or cayenne powder.
Once this is done you can bake them. If that is how to cook pumpkin seeds the way you want to then preheat the oven to two hundred and fifty degrees. Toss the seeds with a little drop of oil. Then spread the seeds on a baking sheet and bake till crispy. It will take about forty minutes to an hour for the seeds to be ready.
If oven baked is not how to cook pumpkin seeds the way you like, then you can do it on the stove top. Take a skillet and heat two tablespoons of butter in it. Once it is melted add two cups of pumpkin seeds into it and toss them so that the butter is evenly coated on all the seeds. Now you can add any seasonings that you like. When that is done cook the seeds for around five to ten minutes while stirring all the time. Continue till the seeds are nice and crisp. Make sure you cool them before you eat.
You can also use a microwave if that is your preferred method on how to cook pumpkin seeds. But this will not roast the seeds. Melt butter in a dish and add half a cup of seeds. Season and microwave for eight minutes.

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