Want to cook like the professional chefs you see on T.V.? It starts with having the right tools for the job – and in this case the job is cooking. Every cook needs a core set of utensils to use to prepare his meals But, in addition to this core set, there are other items, that while not mandatory, make life easier in the kitchen.

Basting brushes – just about every chef uses these brushes to baste fish, veggies, and other foods with fats, stock, wine, or other liquids. Basting brushes are not required kitchen tools because you can baste with a spoon – as many home cooks do on a regular basis. One thing that a  brush does do, however, is to let you baste with the liquids in a more even fashion. In addition, a bush lets you paint the liquid into places that would be hard or impossible to reach by other means.

Vegetable brush – it’s always good to clean your vegetables. A lot of home cooks simply clean their produce by either rinsing them under water or by scraping off the skin and then rinsing them. But there are those cooks who are really into healthy eating. They want to use organic vegetables and they hate disposing of what they consider to be an essential part of the vegetable or fruit. In many vegetables, there are more nutrients in the skin than in the  other parts of the plant. In addition, it contains roughage which is good for you. These cooks will simply use a vegetable brush to clean the dirt off the skin.

Tongs – the really experienced cooks may consider tongs a luxury as they do just fine using forks and even their fingers. For the less experienced cook, however, tongs make it easy to remove those pieces of chicken from the fryer. You’ll find them very helpful as a reasonable replacement for your hands. When a piece of food has cooked on one side, instead of using your hands and fingers to turn the food, use your tongs instead.

And like the items mentioned above, you may feel that you need the best stainless steel grills, or the most expensive calphalon stainless steel cookware, or state of the art natural barbecue gas grills. And often you don’t these things. But they sure make the cooking experience fun.