When someone has the job of cooking for a crowd, whether by choice or by family election, there is often times a lot of stress that comes along with it. But cooking for a crowd does not always have to end up with the cook in tears and everything a mess. It is very simple to get this big job done with the right game plan and the proper follow through with the plan. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the dishes but that is nothing to worry about. Making large amounts of stuffing is no different then making a little bit of stuffing. Generally, there is not a lot of extra time that has to be given up.Where a lot of the time gets wasted when cooking for a crowd is the confusion and break down of the cook, as they did not mentally prepare themselves for the occasion. If you are able to pass out things to do to friends and family, then do it. When someone asks you, is there something that they can do to help, do not be the overly polite hostess and say no, put them to work. Even if it is as simple as bringing the drinks to the dinner, let them help out. Even getting the smallest of items and chores to do off of your list will save you a lot of time.

Ask For Help

When cooking for a crowd, do not be afraid to ask for help whether it is actually preparing a few things, helping with setting arrangements, or planning the meal and the structured times for things to begin cooking. The more people who you have helping you, the better off that the meal will be a success and that you will still be in one piece after cooking for a crowd. You want someone who is reliable too as the last thing you want is to have someone designated to something extremely important and then they fail to follow through.

When you are all finished cooking for a crowd, you must take the time to sit back and relax so that you may enjoy all of the hard work you put into the meal. Sit back and enjoy the meal while looking through the eyes of your guests. Do not be too hard on yourself, as they will not so as critical of you as you are of yourself. Now that you are done cooking for a crowd, have a few people from that crowd help you pick up. There is nothing wrong in asking for a little bit of help. Even though you may not ask for them to wash your dishes, picking up their own plates and helping to clear the table is an excellent way to help end the day.

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