There are several things you must take to mind before you participate in a cooking contest. Apart from the fact that you are a good cook, which is obviously the reason as to why you decided to go for a cooking contest, there are other skills you must manipulate during the competition. Cooking is very tricky business and winning a cooking contest has something to do with luck as well. You must win the love of at least fifty percent of the judges in order to win a cooking contest.

First, you must study the cooking contest rules very carefully. Even if you have to read them a dozen times, it is worth to know them like the back of your hands. Then you must shop for the particular ingredients for your recipe. Try to minimize usage of alternative ingredients because this will lead to your dish tasting different. You sure don?t want to fool the judges in a cooking contest.

Make sure to showcase your sponsor?s products. This will give you some plus points and they will be willing to sponsor you in the future too. If you are to select a recipe for the contest, go for an uncommon, delicious, authentic and attractive one. Use herbs, wines and essence in your cooking. Of course all should be done in accordance to the cooking contest rules. Then you must also see if your recipe appeals to the audience. It is indeed hopeless going through an Asian cuisine to people who hate spices.

Before you go in for a cooking contest you will need plenty of practice. Do the same recipe which you will do on the day of the cooking contest at home. Let your family decide on its taste. You can given go for some advice from a professional chef. You must keep your recipe simple and real also looking great.

Exquisite presentation of the dish is very important no matter what recipe you decide to make at a cooking competition. Do a little d├ęcor and make the colors look attractive. A bit of sauce, a couple of herbs and a dip in syrup will always make the meal look well-done. Finally, keep three simple things in mind whether it is for a cooking contest you are preparing or just cooking at home. Make whatever the dish taste good, look good and of course smell good. All these three are equally important.