Always wanted to ask that special someone over for a scrumptious, candle-lit dinner prepared by yourself and add a little extra romance to a special night, but confused not knowing where to begin or what to cook? Then you are definitely reading the right article about cooking for two, whether it is for your lover, coming over tonight, mother dropping in to have some girl talk, or your best friend calling unexpectedly in town. The fact is, most of us are bad cooks and cooking seems to need more than just being able to butter up a couple slices of bread and pop them in the toaster or mix up cut-lettuce with fresh cream. So does cooking for two. With a little bit of art, you can easily pass for a great cook.

Before you start cooking for two you must, I repeat, must, find out what types of dishes that other person prefer. Your preference too is important here because, after all, you will also be sharing the food. Then you must pick come recipes either online or on a cooking magazine that will suit your budget. Some ethnic cuisines such as Asian or Italian dishes will be a wonderful surprise for them. Cooking for two is just like cooking for any other number except the quantities must be as required and each dish must be carefully done. Why I tell you the latter is because a meeting of two is obviously special for both parties whatever the case is. So you must take some extra effort unlike when it comes to just roasting a full-chicken or baking a fruit cake.

After you have your recipes all organized, you must buy the ingredients. Spending a few extra dollars on herbs and authentic spices wouldn?t go a waste when you are cooking for two. You must also go for fresh goods. Fresh fruits and home-made sauces are ideal. Splashes of wine, brandy or herb essence will do magic when you are cooking for two. Remember I mentioned about the ?art? of cooking for two earlier? Well that refers mostly to how you present the meal. You must do each dish separately and decorate them unto attraction. A bit of parsley, a tomato slice or a cut-grape will do the trick. You can finish off cooking for two, as such that the person realizes that you have gone an extra mile to make them feel special. That alone will earn you some credits as a great cook.