Many people have looked down upon crock pots but what they fail to realize is that this is a very safe and easy way to cook. A slow cooker is highly economical and it can lower the cost of electricity consumption in your home. A crock pot is a great alternative for healthy cooking compared to the microwave. The slow cooker cooks in low temperatures and can take up to six hours before a meal is done. The best thing about it is that it encourages healthy preparation of food which will comes as a great advantage to an individual’s health.

Here is one absolutely scrumptious recipe you should try out using the crockpot, the meal is low fat and low sodium and you will definitely marvel. Pork roast and vegetables(lots).The ingredients of these meal are;(3lb)boneless pork sirloin roast,(1tblsp)vegetable oil, four peeled sweet potatoes, apple butter(1/2), (1 cup )chicken broth, (1/4 tsp) pepper,( 1/2 tsp) ground allspice, (1 Tbsp) corn starch,( 3 Tbsp) prepared horseradish, (1 teaspoon) dried thyme leaves. The preparation of the dish is quite easy. Heat the oil in the crock pot and add the pork until it is ready brown on all sides, add the acorn without the seeds, slice the sweet potatoes and add them. After ten minutes of simmering, add the rest of the ingredients and the meal will now cook slowly for seven hours, with the vegetables and pork tender to serve.

Another recipe you can try with the crock pot is the chicken chowder which is highly low fat and healthy. The preparation time will take you roughly twenty minutes but the cook time will be a lasting six hours. Here are the ingredients you require; half a of cup grated Parmesan cheese, quarter cup of dried potato flakes, two cloves garlic, minced, half lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast, 1 potato peeled and cubed, 2 (15 oz.) cans of creamed corn, one onion, chopped, 1/8 tsp. white pepper, one cup low sodium chicken broth, and one cup of skimmed milk. Put all the ingredients together with an exception of the cheese and potato flakes, the potatoes will be done and ready in six hours after they are done, you can now add the cheese and serve.

The last easy recipe does not need too many ingredients; it is the rice and peas recipe. The ingredients are onions, peas, water, salt, seasoning, and vegetable oil. Start by preparing the onions till they are goldish brown in color add the seasoning, and then add the peas. When the peas are almost done add the rice and cover for about five hours. The meal will now be ready to serve. The crock pot is a great way to cook easy and healthy meals.

Phil Adams-Wright is a food writer. Phil has covered many other food related subjects such as ethical food and Fair trade issues.