You might think it’s impossible to eat your favorite foods and lose weight, but with the Cheat Your Way Thin program, you can do just that. Fitness expert, Joel Marion, has developed an amazing plan that lets you eat burgers, pizza, ice cream, pie and all your other favorite foods as part of a fat loss program that really works.

The basic idea of Joel’s fat loss plan is simple: eat balanced, healthy foods for the majority of the week, and then have a “cheat” meal. Your cheat meal can be any of your favorite foods–steak and baked potato with all the trimmings, waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, hot fudge sundae–whatever you crave. You simply follow the healthy eating program and once a week you get to “cheat” any way you like.

Sinful as that sounds, the “cheat” meal is actually scientifically proven to help you lose more weight than just healthy eating.  The fat and carbohydrates in it will stoke your metabolism to burn fat like a fire.

Being able to occasionally eat your high-calorie, favorite foods will actually give you more energy. That’s because eating a low-calorie diet for too long makes your body think it’s starving which makes you feel run down and exhausted.

When you follow the Cheat Your Way Thin plan, you can eat your favorite foods for your “cheat” meals and not feel an ounce of guilt. Imagine a savory breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs that you can enjoy-guilt free because you ate healthy before it, and you’ll eat healthy after. In addition, the “cheat” meal is actually giving you the fat-burning energy you need to reach your weight loss goal.

Who knew your delicious, favorite foods could actually HELP you get into the best shape of your life? With Cheat Your Way Thin, they can.

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