I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, I never even realized that there could be a profession such as a cake designer! I mean, sure I’ve noticed that some of the bakeries have absolutely ravishing cake designs. But I thought it was just the baker not a professional designer. But a recent encounter with a culinary artist exposed me to the fact. Even sweet products and cakes that are mass produced by food service companies have been designed by a professional.

The culinary master who told me about cake design actually said that it is the most popular course you can take when it comes to food. In fact, cake designs are as old as cakes themselves. The first cake designer was the first to lay a layer of icing on a cake. Ever since, there have been a number of improvements in the field, and not all of them have been widely accepted or used.

Even though there are hundreds of flavourings to choose from, the two most popular remain chocolate and vanilla. There are many materials to use also. However most people will choose to use icing sugar above anything else. Keeping the health consciousness of aging and fitness obsessed people in mind, one prominent company even tried to introduce a sugar free icing sugar. Needless to mention, everyone preferred the real thing and passed up the fake ingredients.

However no matter what materials and ingredients you use, the look of the cake will ultimately depend on the skill level of the designer. You can make a masterpiece out of a molehill with even the plainest of cakes. And it does not have to cost a lot. With a good icing cone, food colouring and icing you can make a host of decorations. But don’t under estimate these items. It will prove a sight for sore eyes when you have a well designed cake and have not spent a lot.