For many years, the most popular gift to give to a loved one, friend or associate was a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The flowers would be admired on a desk top or counter for a few days and then the petals begin to wither. Eventually the flowers are thrown away. A gift that will give more pleasure and will serve a greater purpose is a fruit basket.

Unlike the flower bouquet, a gift basket of fruit can be used and shared by many people. Fruit baskets can be designed specifically for the person that you are purchasing it for. If you know for certain that they really like to eat grapefruit or kiwi, why not order the fruit basket with these two fruits in it.

Not only will putting their favorite fruits in the basket make it person, you could also add splashes of their favorite colors. This can be accomplished easily with ribbons or strips of fabric in their favorite colors. Or even adding a bow that says congratulations or happy birthday can make it that much more personal.

When the recipient gets the beautiful fruit basket, they will be amazed at the thought that was put into it. They will want to show it around to friends and coworkers. They may even want to share its content with them. Sharing a flower arrangement is almost never a possibility but with a fruit basket, many people can enjoy the gift.

Have you ever spent hours wandering around stores looking for the perfect gift for someone that you just really don’t know that well? Do you get them a nice bottle of wine? Do you get them an article of clothing? Well the best answer would be to get them a fruit basket.

By purchasing wine or clothing, you are assuming that you know their preferences in those things. That can be a bad assumption if you let a group of people down that were counting on you to find and purchase the perfect gift. If the recipient does not like the choice that you made, it can be slightly embarrassing.

A fruit basket is the perfect gift for anyone that you are wanting to surprise. They are usually less expensive when compared to the soaring prices of a flower pot and they can just as easily be made into a basket filled with things that the person loves. Try it today. The person that you are gifting to will surely be surprised and happy.