When you are deciding on a gas or charcoal barbecue grill you will need to think about many things including how much you wish to pay, the ease of lighting and a few other points. Whatever one you pick you will get wonderfully tasty barbecued food! Here you will find a guide for you to make a good decision.

Charcoal BBQ Grills

The simplest and least expensive are charcoal grills as they are just a fireproof bowl, with a rack to place the food on and frequently vents to control the air flow. They may be built from stainless steel or cast iron. The simplest to care for are barbecues constructed from stainless steel that have a baked on enamel finish as this helps to prevent rusting. Take care that the wheels are constructed from tough, heavy duty plastic so that they will not become cracked if you leave the barbecue out in when the weather is either very hot or cold. It is preferable that you choose one with a cooking grate constructed from nickel plate or stainless steel so that it will not corrode and will be easy to clean. Also ensure that the the barbecue is fitted with wooden handles as metal handles will get too hot. A hinged grate is a good idea as it will make it much easier to top up the charcoal. Some models have an extra surface for placing food on however, check that it’s surface is easy to clean and it is not too flimsy.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Charcoal grills are typically a lot cheaper than gas grills and many people prefer their familiar ambiance. They aren’t as straightforward to light as grills running on propane or natural gas but many people think this adds to the enjoyment! The ashes also need to be cleaned out regularly and they can be cost more to run. Still if you will only use your barbecue now and then this won’t really make much difference.

Gas BBQ Grills

Gas barbecues can run on either propane or natural gas. Stainless steel construction with an enamel finish is undoubtedly the best as it won’t rust if left outside. Confirm that the legs are sturdy and preferably welded to ensure they last. It is much better to go for a barbecue that has two or more burners which are spaced evenly apart. Two systems are used on gas barbecues, angled steel bars or lava rocks. We favor the angled bar system which let the juices vaporise and increases the flavor of the food. Using lava rocks may cause the juices to collect in the barbecue bottom which may cause flare-ups.

Gas Barbecue Advantages & Disadvantages

Gas grills are costlier than charcoal barbecues but a lot of people like them for their convenience. Temperature control is very easy and they are simple to light. They are less expensive to run than charcoal grills so if you intend to use your barbecue a lot they may work out cheaper. They are easy to clean and there are no ashes to remove!

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