Lobster has been a delicacy in many parts of the world for quite some time now. Many people, however, are unable to cook their own lobster, mainly due to laziness and not knowing how to cook lobster the proper way. They prefer to have it served to them in a restaurant rather than having to prepare it themselves. Lobster is actually easier to prepare than most people think. Like most sea food, lobster cooks fast, so does not require a lot of time in the kitchen.

Let us help you with how to cook lobster:

Different ways of how to cook lobster are chosen by people who prefer each way for reasons specific to that method of cooking. For instance, many people argue that steaming lobster gives the lobster a richer flavor than when it is boiled. Logically, this may seem true, since the flavor is not washed off when the lobster is steamed; it remains packed in the meat. However, the fact that it is better than boiled lobster may not be true. According to me, how to cook lobster is something that depends completely on personal tastes.

Cooking lobster is very simple and easy. Cooking it alive is said to preserve freshness, while also being the more inhumane method of how to cook lobster. When boiling lobster, it is a good idea to use sea water to give additional flavor. However, using salted water will suffice. The pan in which the lobster is being boiled should be large and should have a lid to cover it up. Furthermore, the water should cover the lobster completely. Adding ingredients such as white wine, pepper, parsley and bay leaves will give the lobster meat an extra flavor. This too, should be done according to personal tastes. It is important not to over boil the lobster to avoid having mushy meat. The ideal time for boiling is about ten minutes for a one-pound lobster. Around three minutes should be added for every pound in larger lobsters.

How to cook lobster by steaming is a similar method to boiling. The main thing here is to have a large enough steaming rack to hold the lobster. How to cook lobster in this method is to place the steaming rack over a pan of boiling salted water. Steaming, however, cooks the lobster slower.

Lobster should be served hot, immediately after being cooked. Butter is the ideal accompaniment to any lobster dish as it gives a rich flavor to the lobster meat.