Be it a family function or an impressive dinner party, prime rib is always a popular choice. The question is how to cook prime rib in a manner that brings out its succulence and taste to perfection.

The first step in figuring out how to cook prime rib is in the choice of meat. A visit to a more up-market butcher shop will help you find meat graded as ?USDA Prime? which promises meat to be of exceptional flavor and tenderness; but due to its cost, many find ?USDA Choice? meat to be a suitable alternative.

Now that you have obtained high quality meat, you do not want it to go to waste, so it is imperative that you know how to cook prime rib in a proper manner. In learning how to cook prime rib, some knowledge of roasting proves to be invaluable. First, de-frost the meat and pre-heat the oven to around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Pat the meat dry and rub some butter on the ends. Next, make ½ an inch deep slits at regular intervals and apply a coating of salt, pepper and onions over the entire roast. The meat should be made to ?stand on its ribs? and put into the pre-heated oven for about quarter of an hour. Then the oven temperature should be reduced to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, after which, it is recommend that you baste the ends of the roast with drippings, every half-hour, until the meat is done.

When thinking of how to cook prime rib, another question that is frequently asked is how long it should be kept in the oven for. Well, there is no hard and fast rule for this, as it depends on the size of meat, and upon individual taste. A small snippet of advise that many find useful when contemplating how to cook prime rib is that a meat thermometer would help the cook decide if the roast is ready to be taken out of the oven or not. (For instance, when the internal temperature of the roast reaches 120 degrees, the meat it is considered rare; while 160 degrees implies it is well-done).

When answering the question as to how to cook prime rib, you need to bear in mind that after taking the meat out of the oven, it is imperative that it is covered in foil for about thirty minutes so that its juices seep in, and its flavor is retained. Then make some gravy to go with it, and simply enjoy the meal!