Shrimp is a popular dish all around the world. It is a tasty delicacy that should not be missed given the opportunity. But one thing that many people do not know is how to cook shrimp. So here are some pointers on how to cook shrimp.
When you look at the many different varieties and methods on how to cook shrimp it is difficult to choose a specific method. But when you think about how to cook shrimp and how you want to cook the shrimp then you can proceed. Once you decide how to cook shrimp the way you want you need to buy shrimp. It is best to buy shrimp that are frozen while they still have the shell. When you think of how to cook shrimp you will get to know that having the shells will help protect the meat of the shrimp from dissolving while it is cooking. The shells will also add additional flavor to the shrimp as well. You can cook the shrimp with or without the shells. You can even remove the shells after cooking if that is how you prefer. All of these tips you will know when you learn how to cook shrimp.
Right now I will tell you how to cook a pound of shrimp. If you want to know how to cook shrimp this same way for larger amounts just cook it in batches. For a pound of shrimp you will need two quarts of water. Bring the water to a boil and add a small amount of salt and lemon juice to the water. Once the water is boiled you should shut off the fire and add all the cleaned shrimp to the water at once. We shut off the heat because shrimp are better when they are cooked gently. Leave them for three to five minutes.
You need to check if the shrimp is done. To do that cut one in half and if the meat is opaque the shrimp are done and you can now take them out of the water. At this point you may remove the shell from the shrimp if you cooked the shrimp with the shells. After doing this there are many ways you can prepare them. You can boil or poach them. Frying, grilling or steaming is also done. Once you learn how to cook shrimp you can experiment till you find the right method for you.