There are many different sauces for those who love pasta. Pasta cooking can be very easy to do which is why many people like to cook pasta. Depending on which part of the world you belong to, pasta can come in many different shapes and forms. Along with the many different shapes of pasta, come the many different pasta sauces suitable for pasta cooking.

Red Sauces For Pasta Cooking

Tomato sauce is the usual sauce for some pasta recipes, although it can easily be substituted with a white sauce or any other kind o f sauce there is. The base for most red sauces is tomato. What you add to it depends on your preferences. Many people prefer to add herbs and spices while others add ground meat to their pasta cooking. Cheese is also one of the more common ingredients to pasta cooking.

The cheeses that are usually added to your red sauce are parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella. Many other cheeses can be added to the red sauce, still depending on the preferences of the person cooking. Parmesan is a usual favorite for pasta dishes as well as mozzarella.

White Sauces For Pasta Cooking

Many white sauces are added to pasta cooking to complement the pasta. Usually, these are cream based or based on some herbs or spices. Some people even use the ordinary canned cream of mushroom and just add this to any pasta. It can be considered w white sauce also. White sauces are usually creamy and thick. Some white sauces are not cream based but are instead butter based while others are based on broth.

Cheeses are also used in white sauces to complement it. Since cheeses come in a variety of flavor and smells, some can make or break your pasta dish. If you are still experimenting with pasta cooking, try out cheeses in small quantities.

Other Alternatives To Pasta Cooking

Olive oil can also be used to bring out the flavor of the herbs and spices that you add to your pasta cooking. Broth and wine can also be concocted to make a delicious sauce for pasta while pesto is commonly used for pasta also. Butter mixed with herbs is another alternative that is different for pasta cooking. Meat sauces often come in both red and white sauces and all kinds of meats are used for pasta. Some use vegetables instead of meat to enhance the flavor of their sauce.