Italian food is arguably the finest food in the history of the universe. Italian food is probably more popular in England, Canada and America than it is in Italy. Learning how to cook Italian food is a delight to all of your senses and helps you to express your creativity. Italian food is usually considered “peasant food” ? which means that it uses simple ingredients that fill the belly easily. So, you might be interested in taking Italian cooking courses.

Non-Italians Can Apply

The first thing you need to know about Italian cooking courses is that your teacher does not have to be Italian. Have you ever been inside an Italian restaurant run by an Italian family? This writer went to one of the most celebrated Italian restaurants in Guildford, Surry (England). They fought, they screamed, they smoked, they drank ? and they prepared my dinner. And the food was not any better than from an Italian restaurant run by any nationality.

Two In One!

You can combine your vacation with an Italian cooking course. It’s one thing learning Italian cooking at home, but you might be better inspired by actually being in Italy, or in a world-class kitchen elsewhere in the world offering Italian cooking courses. You often have a choice of one day’s lesson or a week’s lessons. You can ask your favorite travel agent about this combination Italian cooking course packages or you can look them up on the web.

Closer To Home

If you can’t afford a vacation to another country to learn Italian cooking, you are still in luck. Check with your local community college to see if they offer Italian cooking courses. Sometimes in big cities like Philadelphia, there are one day Italian cooking courses offered to the general paying public from professional cooking schools.

Another fun way to get a low-cost, yet effective course of lessons is to tape an entire season of one of the Italian-centered cooking series on PBS, such as Ciao, Italia! or Lydia’s Kitchen (which this author highly recommends). Then, you can go back through the episodes at your leisure. As you wait for the shows to tape, you can call up your local pizzeria.

However, the best way to learn Italian cooking is to go into the kitchen and have at it. Since Italy was a seafaring nation, they made the best of whatever ingredients they could get their hands on. So can you.