Have you ever watched a cooking show and wondered what all those cooking terms were? How are you supposed to follow the recipes of all the foods they make if you don’t understand what they’re talking about? Learning cooking terms is easy. Once you get familiar with the various cooking terms, you’ll quickly pick it up. You can learn cooking terms by reading cookbooks, by searching for the terms on the internet or by taking a cooking class. Cooking is it’s own art form and by learning the proper cooking terms, you can learn to make the art yourself.

Some Examples

What are the cooking terms you may encounter when learning how to cook? Here are some examples so that you can prepare yourself.

Al Dente is a cooking term that means pasta cooked just enough so that it maintains a firm, chewy texture.

Marble means to gently combine one food into another.

Mince means to chop foods into tiny irregular pieces.

Poach means to simmer in liquid.

Sear means sealing in a meat’s juices by cooking it quickly under high temperatures.

These are just a few examples. There are many more that you have to learn if you are looking to become a good cook. Study up and in no time you’ll get used to using them in order to make the various dishes you’re attempting to make.

Taking A Class

The best way to learn the various cooking terms and how they’re used is to take a cooking class. A cooking class will teach you how to prepare foods, how to cook foods, and how to use the various cooking terms. You will also be able to make all kinds of different foods. It will expand your cooking education and will make you a better cook.

Now that you know a few cooking terms, the next time you hear some terms, you’ll know exactly what the cook’s talking about. This is especially handy if you’re watching a cooking show or you’re getting a recipe off the internet, or just watching someone else cooking, you’ll know how to interpret the various cooking terms so that you can cook exactly like the person you’re emulating. Cooking can be extremely enjoyable but you should always know what you’re doing. There are cooking terms for all sorts of things and you should study them all so that every dish you make comes out exactly as it should.