Many people who cook, do so because they have to. They don’t enjoy it at all. On the other hand, many others enjoy cooking so much that it can basically be considered a hobby. For these people, a part of what makes it so enjoyable is that it’s an outlet for their creative urges. For example, you never have to make the same meal exactly the same. You can prepare a stew one way and a week later you can prepare an entirely different version of it – and one that tastes just as good or better.

Many people who cook as a hobby love to have the best stainless steel grills, or the best unique commercial stainless steel sinks, or stainless steel bar sinks / faucets  that are unique – not because we need these things, but because these things makes the whole cooking experience more enjoyable.

Those of us who love cooking know that if you have the right utensil and tools for the job, cooking becomes much more enjoyable. This is true even if the utensil is not one that we absolutely need – such as kitchen shears or a food mill.

Kitchen shears are a very underappreciated utensil. These are simply heavy duty scissors and they are especially adept at opening electronic products that seem to be always sold in those rigid packages that are nearly impossible to open by hand without injuring yourself. But they’re also good for their primary purpose in cutting chicken bones and the like. But buy ones that are ergonomic in design. You’ll find that they’re a lot easier on your hands.

Food Mills are fun kitchen utensils. They’re perfect for creating foods such as sauces, jellies and jams, baby food recipes, and even simple mashed potatoes. You simply place foods such as tomatoes, potatoes, and so on in the top bowl, turn the handle. The food is ground down into fine pieces, pressed through a base sieve, to produce a lump free product. Everything you can do with a food mill, you can do using other tools, but you probably won’t have as much fun.

Looking at these two utensils, you’ll see that neither of them is essential to the everyday cook. And yet, millions of each product are sold every year in the stores. That’s because, even though we don’t absolutely need them in the kitchen, they all make kitchen life much easier.