We all live such busy lives that many of us fail to have a proper mealtime with our family. Many families today are used to having their meals on the go, either getting pizza?s or something that needs only a little bit of re-heating to start enjoying it. If you would like to change this type of environment in your home, why not have a look at the pampered chef catalog? This will have all the kitchen utensils as well provide information on food demonstrations to make things easier for you in the kitchen.

The valuable information on the pampered chef catalog actually helps bring the family together, at least during mealtime. Before getting on to how this works, let?s first understand the history of the pampered chef.

Doris Christopher founded the Pampered Chef back in the year 1980 when she was only a working mother with no prior experience as being a chef. With her teaching qualifications, she brought forward the concept of selling kitchen tools at a very reasonable price, something that anyone could afford to buy. If you see the pampered chef catalog, you will understand the truth behind this.

The pampered chef catalog provides details of in-home cooking demonstrations, recipes and of course their ever-famous kitchen products. The pampered chef catalog that has all the kitchen products will usually include some of the kitchen tools, namely kitchenware such measuring tools and peelers, bake ware to make cookies, pastries and mouthwatering cakes, stainless steel saucepans, rice cookers, cooking sets, tongs, bowls and other serving ware. The list is endless when you leaf through a pampered chef catalog, as it would have the latest products on sale.

Looking back at the history of the pampered chef catalog, the first pampered chef catalog was published in 1984, exactly four years after entering the business. The end of 1980 gave them a sum of around $67,000 worth of sales. After the pampered chef catalog was introduced in 1984, the year-end saw a sale high of almost $500,000.

As stated before, the pampered chef catalog has over hundreds of products that offer a housewife everything she needs to prepare a healthy meal for her family and guests. In addition to giving customers the pampered chef catalog, they also use direct sales as the distribution method. The consultants at pampered chef usually have cooking demonstrations that are held in-home. These cooking shows are a success with over a 12 million customers having experienced their products on offer.