For those of us who have enough cash but not enough time, when it comes to the ever present question of ?What?s for dinner??, to have something ready for you in next to no time is a great privilege and relief. Utilizing personal chef services will ensure that these moments are followed by satisfying meals and enjoyable times and such services have been on the rise in the recent years.

Opening up a personal chef services business of your own is a good vision, and to make this vision a reality would require a lot of dedication and research, but could be a fast-growing venture within a few years.

Personal chef services include the professional service of preparing meals as required by the client. This means that the client?s health and nutritional requirements as well as personal likes and dislikes have to be taken into account when preparing meals for them. Personal chef services provided could vary with the client, but they typically include grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking the meals in the client?s house, storing them appropriately and cleaning up the kitchen.

While this may sound like a long list of ?Things to do?, once you get a personal chef services business started, it is very easy to reach a good income level from it. You could decide on whether you want to start out on a full time or part time basis and how many clients you want to manage, and with time and experience, you could even extend your personal chef services to small gatherings, children?s parties or intimate get-togethers.

A good place to begin looking for information on starting out a venture offering personal chef services would probably be the United States Personal Chef Association. The USPCA not only provides personal chefs with a platform to present themselves to clients, but also has various training programs to get you started. It will be a stepping stone to getting your personal chef services recognized throughout the country and in turn increasing your client base and income. Gaining a premier membership at the USPCA will also provide liability insurance and allow listing on

There are a few criteria to gaining premier membership at the USPCA and the membership itself costs approximately $550 the first year. However, as a personal chef services provider you could earn $450- $550 for a 20 meal plan for a standard family. Your charges as a personal chef also include the cost of food, packaging and labeling.