Research into recent rise in takeaway sales by takeaway portal has found that eating indian food, particularly spicier options, can relieve stress in much the same way as exercise due to the release of endorphins or ‘fell-good’ hormones. Curries which contain red chilli peppers and also tomatoes help release endorphins containing rich mood enhancing chemicals and is the best edible way to relieve stress.

A study of 1185 people conducted by the site found that 92 per cent of Brits say they feel happier after eating a takeaway. Eighty four per cent of the participants mentioned that fact they didn’t have to cook when ordering in was a factor in improving their mood.

The top five mood-improving curries decided by Just-Eat meal experts comparing restaurant cooking methods and included ingredients are as follows:

1.  Chicken/Beef Madras – There are many variations on Madras curry in India due to the availability of ingredients in certain regions of the country. Quite a simple curry with a deep red colour and lots of chilli powder.

2. Vindaloo – This Indian dish derives from a Portuguese dish and usually contains chicken or lamb. It has become popular in many Indian restaurants across the UK and is also normally one of the hottest dishes available on their menus.

2. Thai Red Curry – The main ingredient in this curry dish is curry paste as well as coconut milk however funnily enough it does not include any curry power or dried spices.

4. Pasanda – A mild dish compared to most Indian curries, its originates from North Indian and Pakistan and is heavily seasoned with spice and meat.

5. Jalfrezi – This curry has think source created by marinated meat or veg and then chillies are added to create the desired temperature.

So do yourself a favour and next time you order a curry takeaway choose one which is going to help you beat stress and improve your mood!