If you have ever experienced making pizza from your kitchen you will know the answer – the smell as it cooks! You cannot afford to miss good preparation, and if you have the time, make your own dough. if you cannot afford the time to make your own dough, there is lots available at most supermarkets.

Any food that you can enjoy from home should fill the room and whet the appetite, such as indian food which has a unique freshness.

I haven’t been into cooking pizzas at home for long, but like many, my inspiration comes from particular takeaway or restaurant experiences. Nearby is restaurant on the seafront, which is known for its pizzas and its entertainment. I like the combination of tasty food and entertainment, and particularly in Europe, I think the Italians and Spanish are unbeatable. In the north of Spain, they have an unsual way of serving the cider or ‘sidre’ to their customers. The waiter pours the drink from above his head into a glass, whilst appearing to be in a trance state. Pointless – but great entertainment!

The Italians love to show how good they are at preparing their dough, and how important it is to spend the time doing so. There are secrets to making a pizza according to these people – preparation to start followed by the correct oven temperature. This dough becomes much softer and more flexible than at the start of the process. I have first hand experience of this, because they bring it round to your table and let you try the technique for yourself! They are masters of the art of ‘spinning’ the dough, helping to create the familiar shape that we all know.

When prepared and topped with the ingredients ordered, the pizza then goes in the oven. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes until your taste buds are assaulted by the smell emanating from the oven. The nice this is that you don’t have to stay inside to enjoy your meal. Weather permitting, you can enjoy the entertainment and spill out on the seafront or the beach! Great food, sunset on the beach and good company – marvellous!