Do you hate your salad spinner because it takes up too much space and is only good for drying lettuce? This is, after all, what salad spinners were made to do. When it comes to the salad spinner, the two most features that cause problem are obviously the spinning mechanism that usually break after a year or so if you are using it every day and then the crumbling plastic spinner basket. You need a good and durable spinner. It comes with a special lid that locks all the moisture and natural aroma and goodness of the greens and herbs inside the spinner without allowing them to escape.
hough it is made of plastic, the construction is fairly sturdy and does not emanate any obnoxious chemical smell or leech plastic into the salad. It is in deed very thoughtful of the Zyliss to equip the spinner with non slip base so that it does not skid or vibrate during fast spinning action. This saves a lot of time and it is highly useful for those who make large amount of salad everyday. That’s why many families have switched to the ready-made salads. The inner bowl has drain holes, and is spun by the crank. I got it around and repent for having bought such a stupid spinner.
After having a bitter experience and wasting money on a number of plastic salad spinners including the Oxo and Zyliss, I finally moved on to stainless steel spinners. When using greens, rinse under cold water and shake off excess and most of the moisture so that salad dressing will cling to salad and so your salad dressing does not become watered down. If you ask me, the best and almost no problem salad spinner is the Zyliss Stainless Steel Salad Spinner that runs by cord triggered spinning mechanism. This is a very simple to use apparatus that gives really great results. Since then I have become an avid Zyliss devotee and own many of their products. Salad spinners are actually great for several different projects.
I was told that this brand is promoted by Amazon and expected a lot in spite of the low cost. Though it is expensive, I would highly recommend this to all those who make salad often as this not just serves the purpose but also can be used as a multifunctional handy kitchen tool. It can hold 6 quarts of greens and fresh leaves without cramming them into the spinner. Though it does not have any anti slip feet at the bottom like Zyliss, the two circular rough lines going around the steel bowl gives good amount of grip.