Cooking with kids

Cooking is a very important part of family life. Many people choose to cook good, wholesome foods that are both nutritious and healthy for their family. However, what many people fail to realize is that between working all day, and coming home to cook, clean and do laundry, children often get lost in the shuffle. Children often have things they want to share with you and it is important that you make time for them.

Teaching your kids the value of a home cooked meal is a tradition that is past down from generation to generation.

Wouldn?t it be great to teach your kids what your mother taught you and her mother taught her? You can pass down recipes and traditions from your ancestors.

Cooking with is a great way to spend quality time with your kids. You can really bond with them as you cook.

There is however certain guideline that you should follow to ensure their safety in the kitchen.

Set the rules ? it is important that you set rules for your kitchen, and it is equally important that you enforce them. Children will test their limits, and do so has no place in a kitchen.

Knives ? never let your children use a knife unsupervised. It can be dangerous and lead to serious injuries.

Dangers ? there are always dangers in the kitchen, and the stove is one of the biggest. Do not let your children near the stove when it is turn on, even if it is to stir the pot. It is equally important that you turn all of the pot handles in so that little hands cannot grab them and so that they do not get caught on your sleeve.

Measure ingredients ? if you are cooking with little ones, pre-measure the ingredients so they can add it to the bowl. When you do this, they will feel like they have made the dish and their pride will shine through.

Cooking with kids does not only share traditions with them, it also assist them in developing skills that you would not ordinarily think of. Take for instance measuring, it seems pretty straight forward, however, when the recipe needs to be doubled, you are teaching them math. There are so many different benefits to cooking with your kids.

Setting up your video camera while cooking with your kids will create memories that will last a lifetime.

When all is said and done, at the end of a long day, everyone needs some time to relax and to unwind. Your children are the same, only they need your attention. When you bring them into the kitchen, you are not only creating quality time, you are teaching them skills that will last a lifetime, something that they can pass on to their children.