How to Cook

Since food is a basic need of ours, all of us must learn how to cook at one point or the other. Having someone else put food before you and be clueless when something raw is given is shameful. Well, as blunt as it sounds, that is the bitter truth. So what if you haven?t touched a wok or peeled a potato before? This article will teach you how to cook.

The beauty about cooking is that, you can start clueless. All of us have some mysterious primal instinct when it comes to getting a dish right (at least producing something edible) because eating is something we do whether we like it or not. In fact, majority of us have seen how kitchens process as kids. We know that chicken is delicious when boiled with spices, carrots are peeled and cakes are put in the oven. This is kind of exposure you need when you learn how to cook. So let?s begin.

1. Ask yourself how bad you want to learn how to cook and why. Cooking requires passion. Even if you may think that it?s simple and easy, if you don?t have the required drive, you will never cook something good.
2. Watch someone else cook. This is indeed easy. You just have to sit back and watch some cookery show on telly.
3. The next step in learning how to cook would be getting hold of some simple recipes. This too is easy, thanks to the internet.
4. Having all of the ingredients you need before you learn how to cook is also a must. Finding out that you are out of eggs when everything else is ready for a cake is very frustrating.
5. Buy good food. That is, to buy fresh and healthy foods. However, when you are learning how to cook, giving yourself and the others a little treat is only fair.
6. Try a couple of easy recipes first and then gradually move on to more complex ones.
7. Know that there are different ways to cook food. Some of them include different ways of cutting/ chopping, and different ways of cooking raw food. Some methods that you should learn when it comes to knowing how to cook include boiling, frying, roasting, stewing and baking.
8. Remember that food is an art too. Don?t just dish out the food you cook; rather, decorate them with a pinch of parsley or cashew. This will both improve the appearance and taste of the food.
9. One golden rule when it comes to learning how to cook is not be afraid to try out new things. The best cooks are those who made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. Who knows? Maybe you will be able to come up with your own yummy recipe one day.
10. Last and most importantly, enjoy! Cooking is fun!