An early morning visit to the market yields a fresh supply of crabs. However you cannot enjoy this crab. This is so because most people do not know how to cook crab. There are several methods on how to cook crab and it is tough finding the simplest method to suit you. Cookbooks and cooking shows, websites and recipes by word of mouth, there are countless mediums for people to learn how to cook crab. However more often than not, the information that is available on how to cook crab is not exactly easy to understand.

Fresh live or recently killed crabs have to first be placed, completely submerged, in a tub of blistering salted water. Let this cook for around fifteen minutes on a slow flame: cook for only ten to twelve minutes for small crabs and up to twenty minutes for large ones. Remove the crab from the flame and it is ready to be served. It can be served piping hot with a dollop of butter or can be left out for a little while in a bowl of cold water and then cleaned and served. While this is a basic method on how to cook crab, there are many others that transform the crab into a fiery Indian curry or sweet and sour Chinese dish. For flavor one can add herbs and vegetables like celery to the salted water. One the crab has been cooked one can clean the crab and use the crab meat to make a variety of dishes such as crab soup and crab cakes.

Another easy answer on how to cook crab is steaming them. A cup of acetic acid coupled with two cups of either beer or water, and a dash of salt should be bought to a boil. When the liquid mixture is boiling, add the fresh crabs on a steaming rack. Add seasoning and keep the pot covered while it cooks. Let the crab steaming go on for a good twenty minutes or till the crabs are a nice bright red or intense orange color signaling they are done. Douse the crabs in a bowl of cold water before serving hot.

Yet another method on how to cook crab is making crab cakes. Mix crab meat with seasoning and herbs and then coat with eggs and bread crumbs for a tasty evening snack or even as a dinner accompaniment. One can also mix the crab meat with mashed potato to enhance the taste.

Crab meat is tasty and is a favorite among many. But the question arises, how to cook crab, for many are unaware on how to prepare this delicacy. One can follow the above instructions for a simple and easy way to cook crabs.