Shopping for meat can sometimes be a confusing task since in certain instances the same cut of the meat is given various names. One such common term is prime rib. In actual terms the word prime is referred to the grade of the meat rather than its cut. Thus prime ribs which are also termed as standing ribs are top graded cuts of beef in the rib section.

In most instances prime ribs are made available in exclusive restaurants. But if an individual wishes to taste a home cooked meal of prime ribs, one can do so by following a simple or exclusive recipes which are accessible from many sources.
The question of how to cook prime rib meals is common to all those who are new to the culinary world. A home-made prime rib meal is known to be an impressive dish for any occasion, but mostly cooked during Christmas and other festive seasons.

Before knowing how to cook prime rib meals, it is vital to know the quantity required. Generally a full prime rib which is close to 15 pounds is sufficient to serve an average of 14 people. When purchasing prime ribs one should note the date the prime rib was packed to ensure that fresh meat is purchased. The colour of the ribs should be a bright red shade with no dried, brown edges. Considering the freshness of the meat will guarantee the full flavor of the recipe, once an individual knows how to cook prime rib meals.

When the question of how to cook prime rib meals arise it is difficult to provide a generalized answer especially in terms of cooking temperature. Based on the number of ribs or its approximate weight, the oven temperature and estimated time to cook will also differ. Many sites offer charts which displays the ideal cooking guidelines of how to cook prime rib meals of various sizes.

When learning how to cook prime rib meals it is important to know that is does not require to be marinated with complicated preparations since it would destroy the natural flavor of the meat. Hence a simple seasoning with fresh herbs, lemons, garlic, pepper and mustard would suffice. However since the marinating process does not carry standard recipes, and if an individual is testing and self learning how to cook prime rib meals, he or she should bear in mind to add ingredients which will blend in and match the flavor of beef.

The secret of perfecting a prime rib meal lies on the quality of the meat, ingredients and the level it?s cooked. The best way to ensure that the prime rib meals are cooked perfectly is to use a thermometer and check the temperature in the middle of the meat when it?s being cooked. Thus if an individual is learning how to cook prime rib meals, bearing the above points in mind will facilitate in perfecting its cooking techniques.