Rice is easy to cook however there are three ways in which rice could be cooked. All three methods of cooking rice require different proportion of water to be used. If you are looking at the Japanese method of how to cook rice, it requires five times much water. Steaming will require 2 -1/2 times as much water. When looking at how to cook rice, it must be remembered that whichever the method is used, the rice grain if cooked properly must look whole.

When trying to how to cook rice, you do need to be remembering that rice must not be stirred when cooking. As well the cooking time for rice should not be cooked for long. This will prevent the rice from appearing pasty.

When trying to how to cook rice, boiled rice can be the simpler way of cooking. If rice is properly boiled it not only forms a great dish but can also complement other dishes served along with it. When trying to how to cook rice, remember that water that is used to boil the rice should not be wasted. Instead the water can be itself used in preparation of any soup or sauce or in some cases can be used to make the yeast for bread.

Here we look at the basics behind how to cook rice. You need to wash rice carefully so that it can be used for cooking. Add the washed rice to boiling salt water. The water along with the rice needs to be boiled rapidly until the water turns milky. This is because of the starch content that can be found in rice grains. Once the rice is boiled properly, the water needs to be drained with the help of a colander. Once done pour cold water over the rice so that loose starch can be washed away. The rice grain becomes more distinct if cold water is added. Reheat the rice just by lightly tossing over. You could serve rice with butter, milk, gravy or with your own preferred sauce.

Japanese method of how to cook rice is no different to the normal method. However the boiled rice is also made use of. Again, we look at how to cook rice in the Japanese way. The rice needs to be washed and added to boiling salt water. Cook for about five minutes until rice becomes soft. You need to cover the utensil and do not stir the rice. Timing should be kept for one hour. Rice can be boiled in the same way.

Rice is easy to cook and can be accompanied with various dishes. You could search online for some great tips on how to cook different kinds of rice.