Nutritionists, have time and again, emphasized the benefits of consuming fish. Salmon too, is said to be rich in Omega3 fatty acids and boasts a high protein content. So, it is hardly surprising to find that many people wish to know how to cook salmon in ways that bring out its nutritional value and succulent flavor .

When individuals inquire on how to cook salmon, it is always best to give them a range of options. For instance, salmon can be broiled, pan-fried, grilled, poached or even baked, depending on your mood, preference and capability.

The first step in the ?how to cook salmon? process, is to choose fish of good quality. What is popularly referred to as the ?middle cut? seems to be a popular option when preparing salmon steak. Many prefer to have the skin on, as this brings with it, its own special flavor to the dish in question.

Salmon is indeed full of flavor and can entice even picky eaters to clean their plates; if they are partial to seafood, of course! However, when folk inquire on how to cook salmon; most connoisseurs will tell you, that whatever form it takes, salmon should not be overcooked, wherever possible.

Another factor that should not be overlooked when deciding how to cook salmon is the type of marinade to use (if any). Citrus based marinades, sour cream, onions, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper and/or a combination of such ingredients, together with whatever catches your fancy (and appeals to your taste buds), is strongly recommended.

Individuals who are health conscious should always take note of the oils and dressings that are to be used, when preparing salmon. Olive oil and low sodium soy sauce are healthy alternatives that many now opt to use, recipes permitting.

The topic ?how to cook salmon? is indeed wide and varied, as it covers recipes ranging from salmon soup, to salmon steaks, to salmon head, to even salmon sausage, as the case maybe. Salmon burgers, salmon loaf and salmon filets are also popular choices that many opt for, today.

Perusing a few recipe books would prove to be invaluable, when deciding how to cook salmon. Others can look up the internet and find a host of recipes, designed for both, the novice and the less-culinary-challenged, alike. Videos, with easy step by step guidelines on how to cook salmon, which are freely available over the Web, would indeed prove to be invaluable to many, too.

Salmon, is indeed, healthy, versatile, and can be mouth-watering too, if prepared correctly. How to cook salmon is certainly not rocket science. It is actually surprisingly easy, when you adhere to a few, basic guidelines gleaned from recipes. Also, the advice of reliable, professional chefs should not be scoffed at; as this can give your dish that special, finer touch, it so deserves. So, happy cooking and healthy eating, to all!