Bacon Wave Baconwave Bacon Wave Microwave Bacon Tray.

Bacon, by its very nature, is one of the foods that people have loved for a very long time. Bacon is not only a great addition to a breakfast of eggs and toast, but it also happens to be the favorite topping of many in a number of different burgers and sandwiches. The one problem with bacon however is that it can sometimes be hard to prepare. Ultimately, the problem of preparation for bacon is one that a lot of people have felt bad about.

At least, it is a problem they have felt bad about until now.

The bacon wave has eliminated all of the problems that have ever been associated with the cooking and preparation of bacon by doing for bacon what other products have done for other popular foods. The bacon wave takes the preparation of bacon and makes it possible in the microwave. The microwave is the piece of technology in the kitchen synonymous with convenience because you can just set it and forget it. Well, with the bacon wave, you can microwave your bacon and therefore eliminate all of the problems of preparation that any other method of cooking bacon would present.

While convenience is certainly a big deal, at the same time it is not the only thing that is good about the bacon wave. At the same time as you can cook bacon in the microwave using the bacon wave, at the same time you can also cook bacon that is healthier and crispier than anything you would be able to get out of the frying pan. The unique construction of the bacon wave coupled with the properties of the microwave result in a strip of bacon that is extremely crispy and crunchy while at the same time containing less of the fat that frying pans seem to embed in the bacon. Tastier and healthier is an excellent combination.

Finally, the bacon wave also allows you the luxury of quantity; something that the frying pan or any other bacon cooking method can not do. Just using one bacon wave tray allows you to cook up to fourteen pieces of bacon at the exact same time. If that wasn’t enough, you can buy two trays and stack them in order to cook twenty-eight pieces of bacon at the same time! You could probably open a breakfast restaurant with the ability to cook that much bacon at once and easily be able to fill all of your customer’s orders.

Convenience, quantity, taste and texture are just four reasons why the bacon wave is worth the $14.95 you pay for it.

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