We have our different sets of preferences for how we want our food to be served. True enough, not every one of us has the same preferences as the next person. The same things go with the choices for meat. As we all know, some people have a preference for London Broil. Although many people refer to London Broil as a particular cut of meat, it actually is a form of preparation. Flank steak or round roast is the normal cut used to make London Broil.

How do we go about in the preparation of London Broil? Preparing London broil is actually a very relatively easy task to bask on. Here’s how we can start: First of all, London Broil preparation is very tricky even if it is relatively easy to accomplish. London Broil is prepared by taking a cut of flank steak or round roast and carefully tenderizing it by pounding or massaging the meat. This is necessary because the muscle fibers of these cuts tend to run the entire length of the meat and will make the finished dish rather tough if not properly tenderized. It is important not to stab or score or otherwise mutilate the meat when attempting the preliminary tenderizing because this will tend to release the juices that are so necessary for proper cooking. In fact, it is recommended that you let the meat sit outside the oven for about five minutes before cutting. This gives the juices a chance to thicken a bit and keeps them from running out on the plate.

For those who want to marinade the London Broil cut for a while, this is acceptable. In fact, it would be a good idea to marinade the meat cut for a couple of hours or so prior to cooking the said meat. The meat is placed about 3 inches from the direct heat source. The cut should be turned several times during the cooking process to insure even cooking and to prevent charring or burning. Once cooking is complete the meat is usually cut into thin slices by cutting against the grain.

At this point, we also want to share some important pointers to those who are really interested in pursuing this kind of preparation for meat. From our end, we can say that it is of utmost importance to use a good marinade for the meat cut so as to bring out its flavor well. However, it is also important to make some distinctions. What, really, is London broil? As mentioned, London Broil is a meat preparation technique; it not a means or a type of cut for a particular meat. Some groceries will label a cut of meat as London Broil which can be misleading. Remember to a cooking purist, London Broil is not a cut of meat, but a method of preparation. The problem with meats labeled London Broil is that it can be any number of different cuts of meat. Some groceries even use sirloin tip. It is usually better to select a flank steak cut or round roast.

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