Cooking With Spinach

Perhaps your only memory of spinach comes from watching Popeye as a young child, or worse, you remember being forced to eat spinach that’s been broiled within an inch of its life and retains only an unpleasant texture and a bitter taste. Too many people have a negative view about spinach, when in fact, besides being rich in iron and vitamins, this vegetable can be quite tasty. When you go to purchase your first bundle of spinach as an adult, take some time to really look around for some tasty meal ideas when it comes to spinach.

A lot of people think that salads are boring, but the truth is, salad is only as boring as you let it be. While some people can happily eat raw spinach alone, other people adore the taste of spinach mixed with romaine. In any case, excise iceburg lettuce from your diet, because it has the nutritional value of green water! Mix your spinach greens with walnuts, sweet bell peppers and mushrooms, which will make for a wonderful appetizer or light meal. Spinach doesn’t really need a heavy dressing, so consider a balsamic or raspberry vinaigrette and think about adding some fresh, crisp apples to sweeten the whole salad.

A spinach omelet can use the richness of cheese and eggs to bring out the distinctive taste of this vegetable without letting it become overwhelming. Use a white cheese like Parmesan to complement the taste and don’t go light! This is a fairly healthy dish and it can be a great way to start a day off or end it. While pregnant women or people with weakened immune systems should be cautious about using undercooked eggs, this recipe is quite good when the egg base stays fairly soft. Play with the spices as well; you may or may not know that spinach is greatly enhanced with nutmeg, which complements the taste quite nicely.

Another great recipe that comes from India involves spinach being used as a fun side dish, along with some seasoned potatoes. You start by frying ginger, garlic and various spices for about a minute before you add vegetable stock and coarsely diced potatoes. Then you cover and cook on low heat for about forty minutes, after which, you add the spinach and stir well. After the entire dish has simmered for another five minutes or so, it is ready to eat. This side dish is popular everywhere, and you’ll find that if you’re in the mood for spicy or mild, you can adjust it at need.

If you are looking forward to eating a little better, why not start with spinach? While you might have bad memories of it from childhood, there’s no reason to let those memories stand between you and some wonderfully cooked and seasoned meals.