Love chocolate? Love cheesecake? Consider chocolate cheesecake is the closest one can get to the platonic ideal of scrumptious? You’re not alone! I think there are many like you and me out there: “chocolate cheesecake lovers of the world, unite!” In honor of chocolate cheesecake and all of its lovers, I have put together the following list of the important uses of chocolate cheesecake in everyday life.

1) Fun Days and Difficult Days

Chocolate cheesecake is undeniably the perfect conclusion for both good days and bad days. What better way to end a holiday get-together than with chocolate cheesecake? Whether celebrating with family or friends, whether the evening has gone without a hitch or full of holes, whether the main course was mouth-watering or stale, providing cheesecake at the end of the holiday meal assures you that all your guests will go home talking about what a fantastic and talented host you are!

2) Three Meals a Day

Anyone who was disciplined enough to let that last slice of chocolate cheesecake stay until morning knows just how splendid cheesecake is for breakfast. Cold cheesecake with milk is a perfect way to start off your day. Chocolate cheesecake is also an invaluable addition to any lunch menu. And little, I believe, needs to be said about the compliments cheesecake makes to even the least appetizing dinners! If you still haven’t had enough, try having some chocolate cheesecake for dessert, or even your midnight snack.

3) Monday, Wednesday Friday, and Any Other Day of the Week

Is it just me, or is that temptation for some chocolate cheesecake always around during the start of the week? And who can resist dipping in for some chocolate cheesecake at the end of a long, hard work week? But why only indulge yourself on Mondays and Fridays when you have other days that you can treat yourself to more chocolate cheesecake?

Well chocolate cheesecake lovers, if this doesn’t make you feel a little better about your admirable obsession for an admirable dessert, then consider this: you can get your cheesecake sugar-free (yes, even chocolate cheesecake)! Just look online for sugar free cheesecake stores and have your daily dose of cheesecake without any of that pesky guilt!