We’ve all had this happen to us. Good friends come by unexpectedly. Of course, you’re happy to see them and are really glad they came, but, being the “good hostess”, you wonder what kind of food to serve them while they’re visiting. You mentally click through the available choices. You haven’t been to the super market in days and the kitchen cupboards are nearly bare. Cheese? How embarrassing to slice the white moldy material away. Chips? Oops…the bag was left open and they are stale. Fruit? Not unless the guests enjoy the brown-spotted overripe bananas. On impulse, I quickly scan the freezer contents. YES…I can’t believe my luck…Cheesecake!

Cheesecake is such a delicious treat, I like to keep a few around for just these sorts of occasions. It is so versatile, it freezes well, is easy to serve, and can be used for just about any occasion. Whether it is a sweet snack, a handy dessert, or a covered-dish item for pot-luck dinners, cheesecake is an unforgettable rich and creamy choice. I’ve even been known to give cheesecake to others as gifts.

Cheesecake can be stored for several days in the refrigerator or frozen for months. It tastes as fresh as the day you purchase it. It thaws in just a few minutes, is easy to slice into serving portions and simple to serve. Its creamy texture makes it easy to swallow, as well.

Cheesecake boasts a flavorful originality all its own, with the perfect combination of tartness and sweetness. There are a number of varieties of cheesecake from which to choose, making each a exquisitively different dessert. Of these different varieties, fruit-topped cheesecake offers a healthy and colorful option. Consider juicy, red strawberries, firm blueberries, or sweet peaches ladled generously over a slice of New York cheesecake and feel your mouth delight in the complimentary flavors. For that extra-tart, exotic pleaser, try Key Lime cheesecake. Turtle cheesecake has that decadently rich taste that is truly scrumptious.

The cheesecake in my freezer just happened to be New York Style. This turned out to be the perfect choice for these particular friends, who are non-pretentious and very down-to-earth. I quickly placed the container on the counter to start thawing, started a pot of coffee and by the time it was finished brewing, the cheesecake was ready to slice and serve. What a delightful visit we had, conversing between mouthfuls of this deliciously refreshing treat.

Cheesecake is a handy and impressive treat to keep on hand for those surprise visitors who you know are going to be arriving sometime. A well stocked freezer with those emergency supplies turns what could have been a stressful time into a celebration. Sometimes I think my friends come whenever they get hungry for this sweet treat!