Does your family love the idea of cooking all the time? Which among your family recipes is your favorite of them all? How about your family members, do they have anything in mind to share with you? The recipes that you and your family have come up with and cook during special occasions are one of the valuable resources of your own family history, so you should treasure it as well.

These family recipes may have derived from your great great grandmother’s cookbook and has been transferred from one generation to another. These recipes bring back memories of the family way back then. So you better keep and preserve those recipes for your children to treasure, for they may be able to use it for their own generation of cooking.

You can collect these family recipes by asking your mom, your aunt or your grandmother if possible, and then have it compiled yourself. If you are unable to restore the old family cookbook you can try to have them transferred through creating a new family cookbook yourself. That is the good thing why we have technology nowadays, you can use your computer and printer to help do the work for you.

After collecting your family recipes, you may organize them according to your preference, or probably according to your favorite dish. If you are not familiar of what your favorite dish was called back then, you may ask your mom or your aunt if they can give you more information about it. They probably would know more than anybody else, for they are the ones who are always in the kitchen to prepare the food for family gatherings.

If you have already organized your family recipes accordingly, you can now restore them by having them processed through your computer, then after have them printed whether through colored ink or black and white. You may create a protective cover that would help preserve your treasured family cookbook. You may add in specific memories that can be related to those recipes and the stories behind them. Your family would definitely appreciate all those hard work.

After binding all of those treasured family recipes you’ve got, you may have the original copied and share them with the other member of the family, during a family gathering or a special occasion where everybody is present. Everybody would be happy to look into the newly made family cookbook that you’ve created, and will probably have them treasured in the years to come.

So, even if you are not that much good in cooking, and you are more of the observing and the eating kind of family member during special gatherings, you can still help preserve cooking treasures like your own family recipes. It’s just a matter of sharing your family what you can do, and you’ll surely find yourself appreciated even in a small thoughtful way.