Originated from Mediterranean region, Sangria is a wine fruit punch and started as a summer drink in Spain and Portugal. Sangria is no more limited to Spain, but is a popular drink worldwide. Unlike many other drinks Sangria is one of the simple pleasures which can be enjoyed in every season and throughout the year.

But, the best time to enjoy chilled and refreshing Sangria, is when summer sizzles.

Sangria has become word’s popular drink since it was introduced to the world at New York World’s trade fair held in 1964. In the New York trade fair, Sangria was served at Spanish world area. It was a huge success there. As it gained more and more popularity and was accepted by people worldwide, Sangria was soon imported under the label Yago Sant’gria.

Ingredients which constitute traditional sangria are red wine, fresh juices, fruit and soda. It is known as Sangria Blanca when prepared by using white wine. Rioja region, the wine region of Spain is considered to be the place where Sangria was born. Red wine mixes well with the fruit and blend of two gives drink a blood red color. Sangria is called so due to its red color, which looks like blood or Sangre when called in Spanish.

The beauty of Sangria lies in the fact that in spite of being exotic and delicious, it is incredibly easy to make. To make your sangria, first you have to select your wine. If you want Spain’s traditional sangria taste, Rioja should be your choice. Once you have selected your wine, pour it in glass pitcher. Generally one liter glass pitchers are used to serve sangria in spain.

After wine, fruit is added in the pitcher. Orange is the standard fruit generally used in Sangria, but there is no restriction in using other fruits too. Fruits should be cut into thin pieces. Put the piece into the pitcher after squeezing the juice into it.

Thin pieces of fruits will help it blend up with the wine and thus give it its natural juice flavor. You can add honey or sugar as sweetener as per your taste. If you need some extra kick, try adding hard drinks like vodka or gin.

Add ice and soda and serve chilled.
Sangria is the most popular drink and major tourist attraction. It is available in almost every place in Spain. The fun part of it is every place has its own recipe of Sangria and all of them claim to be the best.

You can also modify your punch to suit your taste. You can add ingredients till you find your perfect Sangria.

Most of the alcoholic beverages are calorie rich and their consumption can result in unnecessary obesity. In today’s world when everybody is more health conscious and dieting, these alcohols can prove disastrous for your hard work. We all love drinking and partying with friends. An easily prepared drink complimented with amazing taste and health benefits can add life to party. Sangria is the one with all of these in it.

Sangria is not just an alcohol but has much more in it to offer, good health being one of them. Although it is rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, still it is very low in carbohydrates. While red wine present is the drink provides us with heart healthy and cancer-fighting anti oxidants, citrus fruits present in it are rich in healthy vitamins, mineral and proteins.

Sangria is extremely popular in Spain and is now considered as fashionable worldwide. Serving Sangria in parties is the latest trend.

So, no need to put restriction on fun while dieting. The healthiest alternative Sangria always serve the purpose of limiting calories while you go drinking and enjoying with friends